Welcome to the page for the State Emergency Service – Mount Larcom Group. We are located in Popenia Road Mount Larcom. To find us cross the railway line and turn to the left at the T junction and we are in the big green shed on your right.

We meet for training on Monday nights from 7:00pm. Public holidays and school holidays excepted. Some of us still attend on school holidays to catch up for a “coffee” we also take this time to catch up on some computer based training, maintenance or admin.

All training is conducted by our accredited trainers. Our Group is fortunate to have 3 trainers.  Most of the training is held at Mt Larcom however some of the more specialised courses are conducted on a Unit or Area basis. All training is provided at free to participants. After completing basic courses it is your choice of what you undertake so long as we have a role in that area.

One of our most common and urgent activations is for traffic control for incidents on the highway.  Training is provided for members who have the pre-requesite initial training and interested in undertaking this activity.

Other activations we are involved in include Storm Damage, Land Search and assistance to other emergency services. The most common assistance is to assist QAS as a driver.

At times we combine with other groups from the Gladstone Unit for training and operations.

We are increasing our activity in the area of public education by participating in community events to both provide information and to foster interest in SES membership.  Along with other services we participated in the Bunker Down Gladstone video

For information Contact 0749751344. email ses@mtlarcom.org.au

 or just call in on a Monday night and see what we do.